2017 Ford Fiesta RS

Nowadays, there are the first details about 2017 Ford Fiesta RS. As if Ford Focus RS wasn’t enough, 2016 or 2017 brings us Ford Fiesta RS as well. Former World Rally Championship car will be branded as conventional model from now on, and future buyers will have plenty of choices indeed, when it comes to performance-oriented hatchbacks.

Under the Hood & Specs

As far as its powertrain is concerned, we still don’t have any specific details about 2016 Ford Fiesta RS. Still, we can complete the puzzle by putting up piece by piece. 1.6L EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine found in Fiesta ST will likely be offered here as well. However, turbo four will be heavily boosted in order to deliver somewhere between 200 and 250 horsepower (likely leaning towards the latter figure). Fiesta WRC was, of course, all-wheel drive car, but that’s something which would be way too expensive for conventional models. We can safely bet on front-wheel drive and a manual, 6-speed transmission when the time comes.

2017 Ford Fiesta RS side view 2

Styling – Interior and Exterior

Fiesta ST is slightly different compared to the rest of the line, and 2017 Ford Fiesta RS will be even more aggressive. It will require lower body with wider and sharper bumpers. Special wheels will likely be incorporated as well, and you can expect different fascias as well. Frontal one will get a new grille, while rear end should get a larger spoiler and dual exhaust pipes.

Compact hatchback will be slightly different inside as well. First of all, expect gripper seats and a new steering wheel for some of that sporty feel. Then, since RS is supposed to find itself atop the lineup, expect leather upholstery and plenty of aluminum. In fact, seats, dash and door panels will certainly get unique covers and stitches, most likely in red. Fiesta’s regular dashboard will most likely be used in RS too. This means that touch screen display will find itself atop the dash and should come with most of options standard from the get-go.

2017 Ford Fiesta RS 3

However, navigation and voice recognition could still come separately. As a sporty compact hatch, don’t expect 2017 Ford Fiesta RS to come riddled with advanced electronic safety systems. Stability and traction control, anti-lock brakes and standard airbags will be here, but other than that, only a rearview camera and, possibly blind spot monitors might make an appearance.

2017 Ford Fiesta RS Price and MPG (est.)

There are still no words about the exact powertrain unit, hence fuel economy ratings are an enigma too. If everything happens as we have predicted to happen, Fiesta RS should be rated somewhere south of 26 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway which Fiesta ST currently returns. Finally, starting price tag should find itself somewhere in between $25,000 and $30,000 region.

2017 Ford Fiesta RS side view

2017 Ford Fiesta RS is almost as exciting as Focus RS; more even to some possible buyers. It will be more affordable and not as jumpy which should fit most of people just fine. Still, a prospect of possible 250 horsepower is probably RS’ most worthy attribute. All in all, both specs and looks are rather unexpected for such a small car and exceed expectations by far.

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