2017 Ford EcoSport

The latest reports say that new 2017 Ford EcoSport will be available in fall this year. The EcoSport was first built in Brazil on the same platform as the Fiesta or Fusion and because it was successful, Ford decided to expand the production of the car for its new generation to Asia and Europe. This means that the newest EcoSport is now a Global presence and despite its funky looks, it still sold better than some of its direct competitors.

However, while the car has been quite successful, it has not been available in the US which is an odd move from Ford considering that cars such as the Mazda CX3 or even the Jeep Renegade are in the same class as the EcoSport and sell great.

2017 Ford EcoSport side view

Modern Design – Interior & Exterior

In terms of design, the current model of the car looks quite good and up to date but the new 2017 Ford EcoSport is definitely going to make use of Ford’s latest design scheme with large horizontal bars in its front grille and a slightly more aggressive looking design. The back of the car will likely be kept pretty similar to the ongoing model which would make a lot of sense considering it looks quite good and a lot better than what is currently on the market today.

However, the exterior-mounted spare tire will likely be moved inside or under the car for the US market in order to meet the safety and NVH standards needed to be sold there.

Refined Interior

Inside the cabin, the EcoSport will continue to offer the same design as before which also means that it will be identical to the Fiesta. This is not really a bad thing considering that the two share the same platform and roughly the same price point. Also, the new model of the EcoSport is expected to make use of Ford’s latest Sync3 infotainment system as well as new more comfortable seats than before. The materials should remain identical to the current Fiesta while the space inside the cabin will be slightly better thanks to the taller roof-line.

Under the Hood

Engine wise, the 2017 Ford EcoSport is likely going to make use of very similar engines to the ongoing model. This means that the base model will get a 1 liter EcoBoost inline 3 petrol engine which will offer 100 or 125 horsepower and up to 170 N*m of torque. The 125hp version will also get an overboost function which will up that to 200 N*m of torque for up to 15 seconds at a time, enough to make the car feel faster than it really is. The 1.5 liter naturally aspirated engine offering 125 horsepower or even the old 2 liter unit that is being offered in Russia are likely going to be kept unchanged.

The transmission options with its 6 speed manual or automatic units are likely going to be kept unchanged. Rumors say that the US market will get a slightly more impressive engine, a 1.5 liter EcoBoost inline 4 unit that is expected to offer more than 170 horsepower and 270 N*m of torque, more than enough to easily outrun its direct competitors.

 Ford EcoSport front view

2017 Ford EcoSport Price

In order to change that and finally offer a sub-compact crossover on the US market, the 2017 Ford EcoSport is now expected to be released on the US market as well as in Europe and Asia some time at the end of this year. The price of the car is still unknown but considering how the market is demanding more crossovers and SUVs due to the lowering gas prices, the EcoSport might start as low as $15,000 which would make it a seriously big problem for most other cars in its class. Take into account though that the price is still unofficial and things might change until its official release date.

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