2017 Lincoln Continental Price and Release date

A few months ago, first details about the new 2017 Lincoln Continental have appeared. Finally, five days ago, concept vehicle has been presented at New York Auto Show. Even though Lincoln Continental was discontinued more than 10 years ago, luxury flagship car was around much more than it wasn’t. It was produced in three separate intervals, and having another go isn’t excluded.

Even though Continental was replaced by the MKS and that current Lincoln’s naming strategy doesn’t look encouraging, Continental nameplate is way too important for car enthusiasts in the U.S. and 2017 year model might be on the cards. Below, you can see the first details, only that are available.

The Engine range – estimate

Last Lincoln Continental produced was actually the concept car from 2002 which didn’t look that strange then as it looks now. It is hard to imagine a sedan with V12 engine these days and choosing the right option for 2017 Lincoln Continental will be of utmost importance. Even Ford’s 5.0L and 6.2L V8 engines look far-fetched in modern, engine-downgrading era. This leaves potential future Continental with only one option remaining. 3.5L EcoBoost V6 making around 350 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque sounds just right.

It isn’t that much weaker than the above mentioned V12, but its fuel economy is superior. New Continental brings nine-speed transmission, first time in history. Actually, this improvement is one of the most important advantages. There are no official details about max speed and acceleration until 60 mph,still.

Design – Inside and Outside look

All current Lincolns are somewhat limited by Ford’s latest CD4 platform, most notably in drivetrain department, as all models have to be front-wheel or all-wheel driven which leaves no space for good old rear-wheel drive. Moreover, Lincoln’s current styling is flashy, while Continental was always represented as steady, grown-up car with conventional design. Suicide doors as seen in concept are also a no-show for next generation of Continentals.

If it becomes a new flagship sedan of Ford’s luxury lineup, 2017 Lincoln Continental will surely be different than current models, and might inspire all-new generation of vehicles. Other possibility is MKS Continental which would see current flagship reworked and also give it iconic moniker in addition.


Whatever happens, all Lincolns are high-tech models with superior refinement and this will never change. Just like MKS, Continental will offer leather seat upholstery and natural wood veneers for refined look. There’s plenty of room in large cars such as this, but 2017 Lincoln Continental might push the boundaries even further. However, its driving dynamics might suffer if it becomes larger than already large-enough MKS currently is.

Touch screen display takes care of infotainment purposes, while Harman is now responsible for audio. Expect heavy surround sound system with plenty of speakers and power inside new Continental. It will also be fitted with all mandatory safety features and plenty more advanced ones. This means that lane-keeping assist and lane-departure warning will be available together with active park assist and adaptive cruise control.

2017 Lincoln Continental Price

Such a large vehicle can’t offer better fuel economy ratings than 20 mpg combined, but it still could have been worse. Even though MKS starts from around $40,000, don’t expect Continental to do the same. This special, iconic flagship sedan will have to cost much more and around $60,000 seems in order for top model. One of the advantages is price, if we look competition.

The key rivals are Audi A8 and Cadillac CT6. For example, price for Audi A8 starts from 77,800 dollars, without delivery costs, of course…

2017 Lincoln Continental might seem like a far-fetched option, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Since global recession is a thing of the past, Ford’s luxury division has more breathing space to produce some more expensive models and to reintroduce some icons of the past in the process.

This limousine will be one of the best, luxury cars on the market. When we talk about new 2017 Lincoln Continental, there are some advantages and disadvantages:


New desing, especially interior – absolutely revolution, if we look luxury limousine
New nine-speed transmission – the best improvements
New platform
Price is good

Still not as good as the Rolls Royce, Bentley and other luxury limousine
More details are not available, about the engine and performance

2017 Lincoln Continental

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