2016 Ford Raptor – Review and Estimated Price

The 2016 Ford Raptor F-150 SVT is coming quickly to the market. The brand-new Truck from Ford company is coming fresh and a lot more highly effective compared to ever before. We cant wait to see him. When the brand-new f150 was announced, among the instant questions was the fate of the Raptor and (to a minimal degree) the Tremor. While we’ve heard the Tremor will not be returning in the meantime, Raptor information has been additional sparse, even if it’s highly likely the well-liked trim will certainly return.

2016 Ford Raptor

New Platform and Other details

Like the plain-Jane 2015 F-150, expect the Raptor variation to once more use on a steel ladder-frame framework with more high-strength steel compared to in the past and attribute at the very least some light weight aluminum physical body items. The prototype pictured below wears the 2015 F-150’s light weight aluminum crew taxicab, however marries that part with the current-generation Raptor’s front clip and (probably steel) pickup bed. Naturally, the items might just be stand-ins to fit the truck’s wider track and beefy tires.
2016 Ford Raptor rear view 3
Regardless of urging an aluminum-bodied pick-up experiences no strength or durability insufficiencies compared a steel-bodied rig– witness its running of an aluminum-bodied F-150 race vehicle in secret at the 2013 Baja 1000– Ford’s possibly visiting should maintain the initiative long after the F-150 takes place sale. That’s the cost of being first via the breach with a brand-new innovation in a sector fulled of traditionalist customers. However it’s also an excellent chance for the Raptor.
2016 Ford Raptor interior 2
If Ford could express the SVT truck can losing in spite of its light weight aluminum mix– and probably even connect the vehicle’s assumed weight-loss with superior efficiency– it could have rather the advertising and marketing stroke of genius. Plus, it would probably be more difficulty compared to it’s worth to device up steel body elements for simply one F-150 trim level. Product option aside, look for the Raptor to continue packing an elevated suspension, one-of-a-kind shocks, big tires, and a basic bad-ass ambiance.
2016 Ford Raptor side view

The Engine and Performance

Today, the SVT Raptor version comes just with Ford’s burly 6.2-liter V-8 engine, which worked as the top-dog gas providing in the non-SVT F-150. With the next-generation F-150 seemingly topping with a 5.0-liter V-8, we’re unsure just what to get out of the Raptor. If the 5.0-liter comes to be Raptor kit, we ‘d really hope Ford makes use of aluminum as much as possible in order to keep weight down and performance good and sweet, and forced-induction is certainly an opportunity. We expect Ford’s EcoBoost V-6s could make the grade, but really, when you’ve got this much impact, this much tire, and cojones this big, you gotta have a V-8 rumble.
2016 Ford Raptor 2

2016 Ford Raptor Price

Because Ford’s currently validated the 2015 F-150 lineup will certainly be SVT Raptor– cost-free, we ‘d gamble on the high-performance off-road truck to show up for 2016. Rates can approach from today’s value-laden $45,900 beginning amount; doing this could allow Ford to incrementally mitigate feasible profit falls from selling regular-grade aluminum F-150s at competitive costs.


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