2016 Ford Ranger – new technology & Diesel

2016 Ford Ranger – the next Ford’s truck has been presented at Frankfurt Auto Show. The new 2016 Ranger is available with an all-new 2.2-liter Duratorq 4-cylinder diesel engine. As we have all been witnessing these last decade or so, US compact truck market has been rather dull and uninspiring. Main reason for that was the lack of competition, but with GM entering the fray again, things are bound to get more interesting.

Ford also had its horse for a race not so long ago, and speculations have arisen that after finishing their next-gen F-150 full-size pickup, people down at blue oval will move their attention to 2016 Ford Ranger which is currently only available overseas.

2016 Ford Ranger trunk

2016 Ford Ranger Diesel – Engine

New Ranger will most likely be moved with 4-cylinder engines only and probably won’t get diesel options, at least not in the States. However, foreign markets benefit from these choices, and V6 engines as well, but this Ranger is almost a full-size truck which possible US version certainly won’t be. With all aforesaid taken into account, 2.3L and 2.7L EcoBoost 4-cylinders seem as natural choice, while 6-speed automatic transmission, and both front and all-wheel drive should be offered as well.

But, the biggest change is the new 3.2-litre Duratorq diesel engine. As you can to imagine, with this five-cylinder engine, Ford offers better fuel efficiency, for 18% cuts consumption.

On the other hand, the new Ranger get an all-new 2.2-liter Duratorq TDCi diesel, 4-cylinder engine. This is the latest generation of diesel engine and thanks to this, fuel efficiency will be improved. Besides this, in offer will be placed 2.5-liter Duratec petrol engine, depending of the market (this is very big news for USA market).

New technology & safety

The Ford Motor Company has changed the suspension for all models, with the Ranger principal program developer Ian Foston asserting it was among his individual purposes to make the Ranger ride much better, particularly in higher-spec designs.

There’s also a brand-new digital power-assisted steering tract (EPAS), which takes load off the engine (the previous version was hydraulic) as well as helps cut gas usage, in addition to supplying a lighter steering action around town, as well as offering the capability to work in combination with the brand’s class-first safety and security innovations.

Those tech systems include lane-keeping aid, which can aid guide you in to your lane if the vehicle starts to roam. There’s likewise radar trip control and also collision prevention support, which could apply some stopping stress if a crash is considered imminent.

Latest News about Ford Ranger 2017!

Design – Inside and Outside look

As for the actual body, US-based 2016 Ford Ranger will be smaller than its overseas counterparts and will probably be made in unibody steel frame. It won’t be as illustrious as its bigger cousin and will offer smaller rectangular grille with conventional angular headlights. It should still be able to tow enough for more pragmatic buyer’s needs, and its fuel efficiency will be better so that it offers some distinctive features of its own, rather than just being a smaller copy of Ford’s flagship F-150 pickup.

2016 Ford Ranger Diesel
Height 1800mm
Length 5110mm
Width 1850mm
Ground Clearance 232mm

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Refined & Modern Interior

Ranger’s interior won’t be as luxurious as the cabin of F-150, but its higher tiers should still offer some leather upholstery and a few soft-touch options. On the other hand, base models will come with conventional cloth seats and everything else you need made of contemporary affordable materials. 4.2-inch touch screen should be standard in all but entry-level models, while optional 8-inch upgrade with navigation won’t come in any but top-tier models.

In the 2nd row, the Ranger stays one of the a lot more comfortable dual-cab experiences offered. There’s ample head, knee and also toe area, and also 3 adults can port in together with each other more easily in the Ranger’s cabin compared to in, say, a Triton.

There are no rear-seat airvents, still, however Ford has included a 230-volt charging electrical outlet in the rear that permits you to plug in your laptop computer or tool while you’re on the road.

It should have all connectivity options as well which are a must-have for people that usually go with smaller pickups and don’t intend to use them as workhorses, but more in a day-to-day routines. Unlike current overseas lineup, 2016 Ford Ranger will have to include some advanced safety features in order to pass the US safety regulations.

This means that besides all mandatory airbags, anti-lock brakes, stability control and trailer sway control, Ranger might get an optional rearview camera with blind-spot monitors as well.

Ford Ranger side view 2

The steering wheel – frustratingly, given Ford placed an entirely brand-new guiding tract in – still does not adjust for reach, however, meaning awkwardly designed people would certainly be much better off looking at a Mitsubishi Triton or Volkswagen Amarok to be eventually comfortable.

Behind the guiding wheel in the XLT as well as Wildtrak designs there’s a brand-new tool cluster, which has paired electronic screens either side of an analogue speedometer.

2016 Ford Ranger MPG and Price

The biggest change, unlike previous model, is an automatic start-stop technology. Because of that, the fuel economy ratings will be better than in F-150, that much is clear. Some overseas diesel models can achieve as high as 30 mpg combined, but US petrol engines won’t make that kind of figures. Instead, they’ll succeed in topping mid to high twenties in combined mpg.

The new 2016 Ford Ranger should be some $5,000 cheaper than its bigger cousin and $20,000 to $40,000 range seems fair enough.

Besides this, the latest Ranger is not yet confirmed for the USA market, but don’t let it surprise you when next generation of Ford’s smaller pickups starts to roll the streets of its current markets, and possibly even the streets of USA.

The biggest rivals are Toyota Hilux and Nissan Titan XD.

Should I buy the new Ranger?

Our off-road-only drive is rarely considerable sufficient to come to a concrete final thought, yet the Ranger’s ongoing expertise on the rough stuff, its charitable towing and also hauling limits as well as comfortable, well-appointed cabin suggest it ought to absolutely get on your shopping list.

Merely remember that this range-topping Wildtrak still looks a little expensive alongside an equivalent Mitsubishi L200 or Volkswagen Amarok, so the more affordable but similarly well outfitted Limited model will certainly be the much better option for a lot of buyers. We’ll have our final verdict after an appropriate on-road drive early following year.


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