2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S

One more beast on the raod,  2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S. Some time had to pass in order for blue oval to consolidate their Mustang lineup. Generation shift is natural part of every car’s life, but it isn’t an easy and smooth process, and certainly isn’t fast.

When Ford discontinued racing versions of fifth generation Mustang, everyone knew that there are at least couple of barren years in store for us. 2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S finally cuts status quo’s ribbon in half and throws it to the ground. Blue oval has a new champion to represent it.

The Engine range

2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S continues where its predecessor left off. This street-illegal car should be powered by 5.0L Boss V8 engine, but we won’t know its full specs until it gets off of the assembly lines (possibly not even then). What we do know is the fact that it gets Tremec 6-speed manual transmission for best performance, and standard rear-wheel drive for best handling. There are plenty more upgrades which can’t be seen with bare eye. Adjustable suspension and four-piston Brembo calipers with 14-inch rotors are only some of them. Mustang Bos 302S hits max speed at 160 mph.

Design – Inside & Outside look

However different, it is still a Mustang. Of course, we are accustomed to the previous generation models, but still, don’t expect too many detours in 302S’ body path compared to current production-ready models. Of course, lower tires, bumpers, and whole sheetmetal are in order for a track-oriented car. Rear end can be mounted with a large spoiler, but it doesn’t have to be. In any case, Boss will be boss and will look like one too.

Refined Interior

Interior is much different than the one in conventional models. Forget all utility and tech features. 2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S is all about business and pleasure has to suffer for it. However, this racing muscle car pleases its owners in other ways besides offering them comfort of easy accessible controls. Large Recaro sport seat, racing steering wheel, special gauges, different shifter and much different control panel are what makes the cabin of a new Mustang 302S.

Rest of the cabin is pretty much bare, and there’s only a cage left. This car is enough only for one person and that’s the driver. Not any driver at that as well, as the one who hopes to cut the curves with it has to have plenty of skill.

2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S Price

Being limited to 50 copies each year, 2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S should cost around $90,000. That’s four times more than the price tag of entry-level Mustang, but all that Boss offers has to be paid. In any case, considering that you won’t be able to cruise around the streets in it might make its price tag seem like too much. However, with it, comes the possibility in competing in NASA and SCCA racing series among other events.

2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S

The biggest rivals are: Porsche Cayman and Chevy Camaro.

2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S is definitely a car worth looking for. It arrives in the first quarter of 2016 and its numbers should be snapped up very quickly given the car’s limited production figures. Those fortunate few will get themselves a great racing-oriented pony car which is bound to give them that extra edge when competition becomes stiff.

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