2016 Ford Focus RS Price and Power

Ford Focus has been around for only a decade and a half, but has already built a fine legacy. Most famous of Focuses is certainly the RS model which won 44 rallies in World Championship series. It seems people in Ford got bored and decided to revive the iconic RS which will bring smiles to many speed enthusiast’s faces. Some speculate that 2016 Ford Focus RS could appear as soon as 2015, but year after that is more realistic option.

Under the Hood

For now it seams that Ford had chosen 2.3L turbo 4-cylinder engine with direct incection which should be more than capable to put up 330 horsepower. Since it is a sport car with lowered chassis, RS will only be offered with FWD drivetrain configuration and unlike previous RS, it’ll have 5 doors. 2016 Ford Focus RS rear view

2016 Ford Focus RS Design – Interior & Exterior

As far as exterior design goes, it’ll basically be ST with adapted chassis. Changes will come in bigger lower air intake in order for Focus RS to achieve bigger power output. Hood lip spoiler isn’t excluded as well, while geadlights will remain the same. Wider tires and lowered chassis will have to be supported by a larger set of fenders and you can expect bigger bumpers as well. Out back, RS will get Ford’s trademark pointy tail-lights, bigger exhausts and larger sport roofline spoiler.

2016 Ford Focus RS

As far as interior goes, don’t expect removable steering wheel and a cage. RS’s racing days are over (for the time being), and Ford plans to make it a high volume vehicle. This means that it’ll resemble other Focus models, mostly ST version, but will get some features of its own. These will most likely come in racing steering wheel and gripper seats with better support. Modern features like touch screen display, Bluetooth technology, USB ports, smart device connectivity support, etc, will also find their place inside new Focus RS. Safety features should also be advanced, and beside regular airbag system, stability controls and ABS with brake assists, it’ll also get a rearview camera, together with blind-spot warning system and a lane-keeping system as a top of the line model.

2016 Ford Focus RS Price and Power

Ford chose new downsized powertrain because old 5-cylinder was way too thirsty. New one should return better fuel efficiency and numbers are expected to stand in upper twenties if you intend to use it for cruising, or below 20 mpg if you are more of a sport enthusiast. It is still early, but price tag could say $45,000 when Focus RS finally arrives to the US market.

2016 Ford Focus RS rear view 2
2016 Ford Focus RS will be a car that pays tribute to its predecessors which once raced throughout World’s hardest rally tracks. It’ll come with new, less thirsty engine and should be more drive friendly, but don’t get confused, below its hood still beats the heart of a beast.



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