2016 Ford F150 Roush – 600 HP

The new F150 is a really good truck which managed to get ahead of its direct competitors very fast. However, because Ford did not release the Raptor as soon as most people hoped, most of these people turned to the aftermarket World where manufacturers such as Roush or even Hennessey can provide upgraded packages for the all new F150. One of the better conversions, in our opinion, is the 2016 Ford F150 Roush, a truck which can already be had from Roush from just over $10,600 over the base cost of the truck.

The catch is that they will only work with the V8 versions of the truck meaning that the price for a fully modified Roush F150 is just over $40,000 which is really good considering the Raptor was more than $45,000.

What’s new for Roush?

In the $10,600 price-tag, Roush will update the styling of the truck, the suspension components and even the engine in order to offer a great experience. However, unlike the Raptor which is a hardcore off-road machine, the Roush is more of a street-cruiser with the ability to go on unpaved roads and get out with ease.

Some rumors also suggested that an EcoBoost version of the Roush truck would be released quite soon and this might not be far from the truth considering that the model showcased on their website is an EcoBoost truck.

2016 Ford F150 Roush Engine

Let’s start with the upgrades the 2016 Ford F150 Roush can receive under the hood. Firstly, the basic package will only add a sportier exhaust system with a larger diameter pipe and a free-flow muffler. This should make for a nicer sound and for a small gain in power, especially with the new ECU management software. For around $6,000 more, Roush can add a supercharger kit which will up the power of the 5 liter V8 to around 600 horsepower and more than 550 lb-ft of torque. All of these will be routed either to the rear wheels or to the four wheel drive system via Ford’s 6 speed automatic.

In this case, Roush will offer up to 36 months and 36,000 miles of warranty which is very good considering the massive amount of power. The downside is that the kit will have to be installed in a Ford dealership in order to keep the warranty of the car, so people will likely have to add in another $3,000 or more for the installation of the parts.

Modern Design – Inside and Outside look

The exterior of the upgraded truck has not been left unchanged and in fact, it looks amazing considering the under $40,000 price-tag of the base version. It seems that Roush took a lot of cues from the older Raptor and we can’t be mad at that because the end result looks great. The front end will now get an all new grille, very similar to that of the Raptor, marker-lights as well as a slightly different bumper.

The sides get flared wheel arches as well as all new 20 inch bead-lock wheels wrapped in all-terrain MT tires which might not be the best out there but they should be a great compromise for all weather use and light off-road. The back remained pretty much stock which is to be expected but in order to offer the Roush look, the truck is then wrapped in a rather nice vinyl which certainly makes it stand out.

2016 Ford F150 Roush

Refined Interior

Inside the cabin, the 2016 Ford F150 Roush is pretty much identical to the base truck and this is because there are no real upgrades here with the only minor exceptions being the all-weather Roush carpets which are offered as a bonus. The good part is that the customers will likely get the chance to buy a set of Raptor seats once it will be available for sale in the next few months.

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