1969 Ford Mustang – Specs & Review

The Mustang is one of the best known cars in the World not because it was the best selling model out there but because it was the first true muscle-car that has been sold in the US and some other parts of the World. The most desired model of the entire generation of the car has to be the 1969 Ford Mustang which is probably the best known Mustang of all time because it offers the classic shape and the engines to back that up.

The 1969 model of the Mustang is actually a facelift of the 1967 car, so it features the same chassis, an identical wheelbase as well as a similar styling inside the cabin.

Changes and Improvements

Changes over the previous cars included a slightly longer body by around 3.8 inches which made the car look a lot more like a grand tourer than a true muscle car. Also, the car has been widened with the help of new front and rear fenders and quarter-panels, a slightly different roof design as well as a lot more trim levels. Also, the fastback body type was being renamed the Sportsroof and that’s actually a much better name because the fastback looked a lot more like a European car than before.

Also, the front end of the 1969 Ford Mustang was not receiving quad-headlights with two of them being mounted inside the grille, feature which has been preserved to these days.

Design – Interior & Exterior

In terms of new trim levels, Ford offered quite a few new ones in order to meet the market’s demands. This was the first time when the fuel efficiency of the car was truly taken into account so Ford released a special edition model of the car with the “E” version. This was basically the economical version of the Mustang and featured a 4.1 liter naturally aspirated inline 6, a new torque converter as well as a very low 2:33 to 1 axle-ratio which meant that the E was now quite a bit more efficient on the highway than its siblings.

Unfortunately though, only 50 of these cars have ever been made meaning that finding one today is extremely hard. Inside the cabin, the 1969 Mustang is similar to that of the previous model but there have been some changes such as on the Mach 1 which received bucket seats, new wood-trimmings on the dashboard and doors as well as standard air conditioning.

The Engine range & Specs

In terms of engines, the 1969 Ford Mustang has been available with inline 6 and V8 engines, most of them being similar, or identical, to those found on the 1967 version of the car. However, Ford released two very limited edition cars with the Boss 302 and Boss 429 trim levels. While the first was meant to homologate the car for the Trans Am series, the 429 was built to homologate the engine for NASCAR use. Because of their rarity and massive performance levels, these two models are now worth more than 10 times more than the price of a good condition 1969 Mustang.

Along its two years production span, Ford also released a couple of similar engined cars to the Boss models such as the Cobra Jet and the Super Cobra Jet, both being really high performance offerings that were able to get less than 13 seconds times in the quarter mile.

1969 Ford Mustang
The Engine range
Engine 375hp Boss 429 V-8
Horsepower @ rpm 375 @ 5200
Torque @ rpm 450 @ 3400
Transmission Four-speed manual
Acceleration 0-60 mph 7.1 / 0-100 mph 13.6
Max speed 118 mph

1969 Ford Mustang main image

1969 Ford Mustang Selling

Unfortunately though, the ’69 model has only been on the market for two short years and in this time, it was only sold in around 250,000 units which is far less than its previous generations. This is because the car was getting dated and the US emission laws were coming into place, meaning that the future Mustang models were less powerful and not as fast as the true 1969 model.

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